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Some of the top places to visit that can become dangerous

Posted on 18 July 2018 by admin (0)

People are traveling all the time to places that might be dangerous. Especially for tourists. And, the problem isn’t the fact that they are traveling to these places. The problem is that they don’t know that they are in a potentially dangerous place. Yes, there are some places that are really dangerous and where you should not go to. However, most of these places are relatively safe, it can just have a potential of being dangerous.

Barcelona in Spain

Barcelona in Spain is a great city to visit. Especially after the Olympic games that were held there. But, there is something that tourists might not know about this place. It can be dangerous as well.

This isn’t a really dangerous place, but they have a tendency to see that you are a tourist. They are stealing your money from you, your hotel room or even on the beach. It is really important to make sure that you and your valuables are staying safe.

Cairo in Egypt

Egypt is a really popular country to visit. Especially with all the historical buildings that you won’t find anywhere else. Cairo is the city in Egypt that are getting the most tourists. But, something that you should consider, is that it can get dangerous too in Cairo.

This is a dangerous place for woman and it there are some political issues that can get out of hand fast. This doesn’t mean that you should not visit the city at all. It is just recommended that you are doing it as safe as possible. Stay away from places that can be dangerous.

Pattaya in Thailand

Thailand is one of the countries that are getting the most tourists. And, many people are really thinking about going to Pattaya as well. This is one of the larger cities in Thailand.  Detailed Info

Overall this is a great city to go exploring and you won’t have any safety issues there. The one problem that most tourists have, is the food that is giving people food poisoning. This is one of the cities in the world that have the most food poisoning reports from tourists. So, be very careful where you are going to order your food.

These three cities might be dangerous in some ways. However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid the cities and rather go else. This only means that you should be aware of the situation in the city and that you should try to avoid the dangerous areas. There are some great things that you can see and do in these cities, but you should just know that you might be in danger of getting money stolen or getting food poisoning.